Apple iCloud Review – Pros and Cons


Apple iCloud Features-Pros & Cons


Cloud computing has always presented itself as a great solution for storing  sharing and backing-up data. With your data on the cloud you don’t need to worry about losing it just in case of a physical or software damage to your system.

Working on the same lines Apple announced its Cloud based service iCloud at WWDC 2011.

iCloud is a service that enables users to sync their data on their various iOS devices.Once set up, device sync will occur automatically in all supported applications.Apple has announced the service to be launched by the fall of this year.Although the service is not launched yet Apple has rolled out enough information about it to have a sneak peak review.

Pros of iCloud



Yes Apple has announced that the iCloud service will remain free of charges.It’s a great move by the company to attract more and more users to signup for this service.

  • iTunes match service Share your ripped CD


Once you get iCloud iTunes match service which is available at $25 dollars per annum you can add any  song  either from your system or from a ripped CD to the iCloud. From here the music can be shared to all other devices instantly and this is a huge plus as you need not pay for these tracks once you avail this subscription.Moreover you you can play back matched songs at iTunes at improved quality(256kbps),even if your original copy was of lower quality.

  • 5GB of FREE online Backup

When you sign up for iCloud, you automatically get 5GB of free storage. Your purchased music, apps, and books, as well as your don’t count against your free storage. That leaves your mail, documents, Camera Roll, account information, settings, and other app data.

  • Multi-platform support

Apple said that the service will work with Windows in addition to Macs and iOS-based devices.

  • Apple Photo Stream

Photo Stream service is for Photography enthusiasts who would spend there whole day playing around with the lens,but would just love to get rid of all the pain associated with the procedure of syncing data in various devices.iCloud automatically syncs all your Data with your various devices.

  • Never loose your Music,Photos,or e-books again

Since all of your music is stored in the cloud and pushed to all of your devices and cloud storage, you’ll never lose your collection of music, books, or photos.

Cons of iCloud

Well as I’ve mentioned the service is still not launched so it’s not really possible to discuss every cons here at the moment.However based on the keynote speech of Steve Jobs,a few things that certainly need to be considered are:

Are we paying Twice for the same content?

When you buy a Music CD or DVD you already paid for the music but then again to use them on iCloud you will have to buy the service at $25 yearly,so some users may be worried about paying twice for the same content.Although this ain’t a very big problem as the other side of the coin reveals that you would be able to sync music of fine quality(256kbps) from the iTunes even if the uploaded music was of inferior quality.

Some users are also skeptic about loosing there content from the cloud or a hacker takes out one of Apple’s server farms and your music is gone, but that kind of threat are not iCloud specific and will remain with any service , and the chances of these are also very thin.


Having said all that lets compare iCloud with other cloud based services

Services Apple Amazon Google
Library in the cloud Scan and Match
Music app for Mac and PC iTunes Web Web
Upgrade to 256-Kbps AAC5
Annual price for 5,000 songs $24.99 $50.00 $???
Annual price for 20,000 songs $24.99 $200.00 $???

So this is our take on Apple iCloud,what do u think ? Do u agree with the Review ? or otherwise let ur valuable opinion apple iCloud and its features.

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  1. Michael Wolf says:

    Thanks for the great info! But note, from first paragraph (this is everywhere these days; please Quit Spreading It!): Losing is the correct spelling, not loosing. You lose an item; loose means opposite of tight. MW

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