Apple iPad 3 Specifications [Rumored]


we are not sure if there would another iPad,the iPad 3 this year but rumors are flying high about it.So how could we not bring in the news for our Apple lovers.TheRumors suggest that iPad 3 may come up in September 2011 but we still would like to believe the release to be in the early 2012.


Here we are rounding up all the speculated specifications that the iPad 3 might come with.

iPad 3 Specifications [Rumored]


First and foremost thing that the iPad 3 is expected to have is a gorgeous 9.7 inch  Ratina display with a very high resolution,some say it would be having a resolution of 2080x1536p.


The camera that the iPad 2 now has is pretty mediocre.Rumors suggest that iPad 3 would be having video camera of 5MP with LED flash and 1080P HD video recording capabilities which is pretty inevitable to compete with the Android alternatives.



The new A5 processor though looks blazing fast we might see a scaled up version of the A5 processor probably clocking near to 2 GHz.

Micro SD card:


Believe it or not one of the major selling points of the Android tablets and con of Apple iPad is the memory.We expect iPad 3 it to have MicroSD card slot for memory expansion.

USB support


The iPad 3 is rumored to have USB support,probably enhanced by Thunderbolt technology.



Though iPad 2 has HDMI it needs an Apple Digital AV Adapter costing around 39$ to make it work.The iPad 3 is expected to work without needing one.


Near Field communication system,a wireless payment may be adopted as answer to Google wallet technology.

iOS 5


This is a no brainer,of course we are expecting the iPad 3 to be thoroughly iOS 5 optimized

So what do you think,does the rumored specs of iPad 3 tempt you enough to ditch your iPad 2 or to wait a little longer ? But we’d bet our money on the iPad 3 to show up in early 2012,maybe in MWC 2012.

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