Google launches Instant Search to speed-up Web


Google has come up with yet another revolutionary feature Google Instant Pages,which promises to make your web experience even more smooth and speedier. “Instant Pages” is aimed at making browsing significantly faster through a search-mechanism by pre-loading web pages on its own, even before users click on them.

google instant pages

google instant pages showing Washington Post website in 0 sec

This feature is expected to save 2 to 5 seconds on search query time, is based on Google Instant, which furnishes search results even before the user has finished typing the query or pressed the enter key.Instant Pages can get the top search result ready in the background while you’re choosing which link to click, saving  yet another two to five seconds on typical searches.Google Instant is likely to be included in the newest test version of Google Chrome browser which would support ‘prerendering’ (a Google coined word for this technology).

The Instant Pages feature will be available to users of Google’s Chrome browser in coming weeks. However, Google said it was also opening access to the software so other browsers, such as Firefox and Internet Explorer, could incorporate that capability.

Apart from Instant Pages Google has also launched two more major updates to its search engine – Google Voice Search and Google Search By Image.

Google Voice enables users to simply speak the search keywords. The feature will be available to Chrome users initially.And would support only English keywords,support for other languages will be slowly rolled out.

Google “Search By Image” ensures users can search an image by just dragging the sample of the image to be searched in the search engine box.The search engine then searches for the similar images. You can see a camera icon in the search bar at,if you click the camera, you can upload any picture or plug-in an image URL from the web and let Google figure out what it is.

For more see Google official blog Post HERE

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