Google Launches Online Reputation-Management Tool “Me on the Web”


Google’s “Me on the Web”

Me on the Web

Google has introduced its new Online Reputation-Management Tool tool for the masses.Dubbed as “Me on the Web”, the tool could be accesed through Google Dashboard .Instead being a privacy tool, Google’s Me on the Web tracks postings about you and offers ways to control that information.

The tool is result of Google’s study that reveals that an individual or organization’s online reputation is a result of they post,and is also affected by what others have to say about them.

Google writes that “In recent years, it’s become easier and easier to publish information about yourself online through powerful new platforms like social-networking sites”

The whole concept of online reputation is not new prior to it Google has already rolled out Google Alerts, which sends a notification message to you if your name is mentioned on websites or news articles.

The tool is also said to offer information on how to control what third-party information is posted about you on the web.This can be achieved by reaching out to webmasters who post  information about you or your organization.If something negative or wrong is published you can ask for the content to be taken down.

Google hinted that Me on the Web is just one of the first steps in continuing to explore ways to help make managing your identity online simpler.

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