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Facebook has undoubtedly changed the way internet was defined.Now you are here to meet and greet your old friends and share your world with them.But facebook had some negative impacts on people’s lives as well.Apart from the incredible amount of time that got wasted,millions of man-hours that got diluted,people were bullied and humiliated at times.Also relationships got in trouble and your privacy was at risk,but still nothing matches the fun of socializing and sharing.No wonder Facebook was the most visited website in 2010,and 2011 yet looks no different.

Anything might be the reason,from a bad social interaction to your decision to do better in this semester,you may want to get off from this social demon,atleast for a while.

So here is a simple tutorial on how to deactivate your Facebook account

Step 1 : After you login,go to the Account settings under the Account tab on the right corner of your Facebook page.


Step 2 : Scroll down,you will see the deactivate account option,click on deactivate.


step 3 : You will see a form asking for appropriate reason why you want to deactivate your account,just select the option that you feel fits best.

step 4 : You will be asked if you want to delete all the pages/applications you created,also if  you want the groups you created to be changed to close status,if you want to close everything and leave forever then do it or if are taking just a small break for your exams or similar sort of thing leave them unchecked.

Can i reactivate my account once i do this ?

Yes,this is just a temporary deactivation and you will disappear from the Facebook until you login again.Thats right,all you need to do is login into your account again and your profile will be back to normal.If you never want to use this account again and your intention was to permanently delete your Facebook account,just stay away from it,never login again.

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