How to put Your iPhone or iPad in DFU mode:Guide


Putting your iPhone or iPad into DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode is a very essential step if you want to Jailbreak or you’re having trouble updating to the latest iOS release. Some Jailbreak applications will automatically put your device in DFU mode while most of them may not.

Putting your device into DFU mode is a very simple procedure and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to follow the steps.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad into your Mac or Windows PC and make sure iTunes is running.

Step 2. Hold down both the Sleep Button on top of your device and the Home Button on the front underneath the screen.Keep them both held down from about 10 seconds. (If you see the Apple logo, you’ve held them too long and will need to start again.)how to put iphone into DFU mode

Step 3. After ten seconds, release the power button but continue holding down the home button.

Step 4. Well if you did every thing right, iTunes will pop up a window (like the one below) telling you that it’s detected an iPhone in recovery mode and your iPhone’s screen will be black.

how put iphone in DFU mode

So How is DFU mode different from Recovery Mode 

how to put ipad in DFU mode

Sceen in DFU mode

DFU mode is a state that puts your iPhone into a state where it can interface with iTunes and it does not load the iPhone operating system (iOS) or boot loader.In case of Recovery mode it loads iBoot which does a integrity check and will not let you upgrade the firmware.

How to Exit From DFU mode ?

To Exit from DFU mode is very simple ,just follow these steps,

Step 1.Hold down the Home and sleep/power buttons on the iPhone while connected to iTunes. And hit the power button to reboot the device as usual

So now you have learned  How to put Your iPhone or iPad in DFU mode

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