How to Speed up Your Internet Connection


Tips to Speed up your Internet-Increase your Download Speed

So is your new broadband internet connection  showing the signs of a slow internet connection, then read on these 5 simple Tips to speed up your internet connection in less than 5 minutes.

#Tip.1.  Uncap your Surfing Speed-Most effective way to increase your internet speed.

Most of the user surfing internet are unaware that their internet connections are capped. First there is a cap set by your ISP for fair use policy so that every user gets equal share of resources. Capping essentially means applying an upper-limit to your usage. Uncapping this would be illegal and also quite tricky so we won’t go into this, instead we are going to free the bandwidth that Windows usually uses for its functions like updates and error reporting.

Windows Operating System by default allocates itself 20% of the total bandwidth to it for its various functions. This bandwidth cap can be removed by these simple steps to speed up your internet connection significantly:

  1. Start > Run > type gpedit.msc
  2. Expand the Local Computer Policy branch.
  3. Expand the Administrative Templates branch.
  4. Expand the Network branch.
  5. Look for “QoS Packet Scheduler” in left window.
  6. In right window double-click the “limit reserve  bandwidth” setting.
  7. On setting tab check the ENABLED item.
  8. Where it says “Bandwidth limit %” change it to read 0 (ZERO). Typically it would be set to 20% by default.

#Tip.2.   Control your bandwidth usage


With everything these days running on internet it may be quite difficult to find a way to get good bandwidth on you XBox, Laptop, and VOIP at the same time. The best solution for this is not to close all the applications but to manage and limit the bandwidth for each application. There are various applications that help you to control and limit bandwidth as per the requirement. One such application is NetLimiter,basically, NetLimiter allows you to control the software that access the Internet and the speed of data they exchange.This will considerably increase your download speed.



#Tip.3. Schedule Your Downloads

If you are one of those who download big files over internet then the best way to speed your download speed will be to schedule your downloads. Try to download when there is least congestion in the network so that you can get the maximum share of the bandwidth. Also use queuing so as to avoid running too many downloads parallelly.

#Tip .4. Using HTTP Pipelining-Effective way to speed up your internet connection

These instructions include how to increase your browsing speed on Firefox and IE.

In  Firefox type, “about:config” into the address bar (and ignore any warnings).  In the filter field, type “network” and scroll down to “network.http.pipelining” and set it to TRUE, and set “network.http.pipelining.maxrequests” from 4 to anything from 8 to 12.


For IE got ot ‘Start‘ and open ‘regedit‘ Navigate to “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Internet Settings” and find “MaxConnectionsPer1_0Server” and “MaxConnectionsPerServer.” Set these to at least 10, or a little higher.


#Tip.5. Increase DNS Cache to speed up your internet

If you visit the same website often the increasing the DNS cache will surely improve your browsing speed. The purpose of  DNS cache  is to store information retrieved from the nameservers so that the next time you visit the same site, your browser doesn’t have to waste time retrieving the same information from the DNS servers.

Go to ‘Start‘ and type ‘regedit‘ and navigate to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Dnscache\Parameters” and then right click on the empty space and add four DWORD values: CacheHashTableBucketSize, CacheHashTableSize, MaxCacheEntryTtlLimit and MaxSOACacheEntryTtlLimit.


These were some of the most effective ways to increase your internet speed,however if you are really concerned to increase your download speed,the best way would be to change your current internet connection plan and opt for higher download speed option.

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